Bouncer Security, Prices, Legislation & Hiring Reliable Sydney Guards

Bouncer Security Hire Sydney

Looking for professional Sydney Bouncer Security? If you are a nightclub, pub or club you'll need to know a few things before you hire your next bouncer.

For those of you who don't already know, bouncer security guards stand at the front of clubs, and essentially act as a gatekeeper.

They make sure no trouble breaks out inside and outside of the club, they check for ID"s, and are on the lookout for suspicious or illegal activity.

Having bouncer security at a club helps eliminate risk and keep a venue safe from legal liability. Laws are tough, and making sure your venue license isn't provoked is a big deal.

Hiring the right Sydney Security Guards and making sure they are up to date with their rights, responsibilities & duties,  is essential.

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In Australia we have legislations in place to help keep people safe. Part of these legislations involve having council approvals for events, as well as keeping a register of RSA certificates and paying periodic license fees.

Venues also need to abide by codes of practice, offer free drinking water and and make sure to abide by