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Our Sydney Security team understand the challenges that come with event security. Keeping your guests, staff, family members save from risk , harm and liability is mandatory.

Our Sydney Event Security team offer the following services

  • Festival Security
  • Expos
  • Club & Pub Securit
  • Concert Security
  • Birthday Security
  • Party Security
  • Corporate Event Security

Our Security Services team works hand in hand with you & your management in order to create a strategy to ensure the smooth sailing of your events.

We can integrate event security management softwares in order to upload photos and videos in real-time so that we can report incidents and give your team real time updates of what’s going on.

We can also use GPS tracking technologies at your events so that our Security team as well as you & know where the security guards are at all times.

Should an incident break out at one of your events, we will be able to track guards, contact the closest event security guards, and call upon security guard backup, or police if needed. When it comes to event security we don’t take any chances.



Commercial & business security guards provide things that cameras alone can't.

CCTV requires Real-Time Monitoring by human eyes, someone needs to watch the cameras, right? Shopping centers, retail stores and commercial outlets, all require guards.

Can you imagine all the theft and chaos that would occur without the presence of guards? Having Security Guards present can scare away shoplifters or at least make them a little more paranoid before they try pocket something.

Commercial events, pubs and clubs all require security. One lawsuit, and you can lose your license to operate your business.

Not to mention heavy fines. Corporate buildings, sites & government organisations.

These sites all operate till the late hours, they have thousands of people walking in and out of the building. Having corporate security guards present, not only can help provide a feeling of safety for staff and visitors, but also serve as customer service.

Security Guards are there in your business to keep an eye out for risky and unusual behaviour, log reports, assist with access entry issues and much more. Having security guards patrolling on construction sites, on buildings, in retail and corporate environments s can protect against theft and scare off most intruders. Criminals and thieves look for opportunities to steal, and if you are serious about loss prevention, you will see the ROI of having guards present.

Banks, hospitals, 24 hour medical centres and shopping centres all these places benefit greatly from having security personnel in place, can you imagine there were none? Commercial Security Guard services safeguard your business against loss and provide a level of security in-case something were to go wrong.

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If you are looking for a reliable Security Companies Sydney, you don’t need to look no further.

Once you get in contact with us, we will arrange a time to have a chat in regards to your upcoming event.

We'll start off by asking you about your event

Where will the event be? How many people will be attending?

We discuss all the equipment, softwares and potential resources needed

We will look into the venue supplies, investigate whether there are enough seats, AV equipment, custodians, administrators, projectors, and back ups.

We create a checklist

Together we come up with a list of things that need to be done prior to the event, and the day day of the event.

If possible, we check the venue prior to the event, have a look through the Event Guest Lists

We take note of any special performances or VIP guests in order to be able to provide great service,

and execute our crowd control responsibilities properly.

We work with you to do proper event planning in order to avoid any possible risks of embarrassment, injury, legal liability and harm from occurring.

We handle everything from A-Z because we care about providing responsible security services to our clients.

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We offer Concert Security Guards to crowd control, crowd manage, and make sure concerts go smoothly. We integrate customer service, risk management, crowd control, and crowd management while working with event organisers, your venue and management.


Alot of event and festivals happen both in Sydney & Melbourne and we work with our national security team & security partners Australia wide to be able to offer you festival and event security services that you can count on.


Pubs and Clubs always require professional security guards to make sure their events, guest and patrons are well looked after. Our job is to minimise risk and try eliminate situations before they erupt & keep an eye everything related to RSA.


We look after small to medium size private functions and provide private security to our clients Australia wide. Whether you have an end of year corporate function coming up, or a 50th anniversary, we have you covered.


We offer crowd management security services to organisations and private venues seeking security guards to manage crowds and provide sydney crowd management services.


We are the leaders in Corporate Security Australia wide. We have been providing Corporate Event Security for years to our business & corporate clients. Corporate functions, celebrations & fancy events.


We have been providing event security services to Sydney music & arts industries for 6+ years. We are more than confident that we can offer event security services to your entertainment venue.


We have experience providing security guards and services to live entertainment venues and public gatherings. We work with your team to plan the event.

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